About Loot

Introduction From Our Premiere Issue, January 1990

To Our Readers

Welcome to Lies Of Our Times, a monthly magazine of media criticism.

“Our Times” are the times we live in; but they are also the words of the New York Times, the most cited news medium in the United Slates, our paper of record. Our “Lies” are more than literal falsehoods; they encompass subjects that have been ignored, hypocrisies, misleading emphases, and hidden premises — the biases which systematically shape reporting.

Our coverage is based on the research of more than one hundred correspondents — not only media critics, but also academics, journalists, literary figures, and activists. We have also solicited the help of a variety of public interest and human rights groups, to advise us of their dealings with the media. We will pay close attentionĀ to press releases, stories, proposed columns, and letters that fail to make it into the mass media. We urge you, our readers, to share your media experiences with us. And of course, do not limit yourselves to the New York Times.

We can, to be sure, only address a sampling of the universe of media lies and distortions. But, over time, we hope that Lies Of Our Times will go a long way toward correcting the record.

To contact us, including requests for reprint permissions, email us at mailto:liesofourtime@aol.com. We cannot guarantee that all inquiries will be answered, but we will try.

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